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AB Max Provides Better Outcomes at a More Affordable Price

One of the inventors of the first doctor's treatment for blepharitis has designed the AB Max™ to provide advanced functionality utilizing two on-board computers and proprietary tips specifically designed to treat Anterior Blepharitis*.

The AB Max™ provides the same forward and reverse functionality as our competitor’s device PLUS, a patented PULSE mode specifically engineered to remove even the most tenacious scurf and debris, while gently massaging the anterior eyelid margins for better patient outcomes.

The advanced technology of the PATENTED AB Max™ adds PULSE MODE providing the most effective and efficient treatment of Anterior Blepharitis* on the market!

*Anterior Blepharitis is Blepharitis on the front edge of the eyelid where the eyelashes join it.

Join the growing number of doctors and relieved patients around the world who are utilizing the most advanced treatment for Anterior blepharitis AND the most comfortable patient experience with AB Max’s PATENTED Pulse mode.”

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