The Lids Look Amazing After

It really cleans off the debris.  The lids look amazing after.  I use the pulse motion to really get at the base of the lashes.  I explain to my patients that this is a deep cleaning like your dental cleaning and that I am getting the bacteria and debris off and allowing the tear glands to flow.  I use the ICheck magnifier to show the patient before and after.  I really don’t think you could say you are treating dry eye with out having this device in the office. Kelli Cadion-Crago, OD

Device is simple, yet effective.

Very excited to be using my new AB Max on my patients! Device is simple yet effective, without surpassing our budget. John and his team were very helpful and easy to communicate with, providing excellent customer service! I felt completed supported throughout the way while providing great resources for patient education.

Dr. Jocelyn Leung, OD

What makes it truly unique is its ability to spin forward, backward, and pulse.

Not long ago I came upon a blurb in one of our journals for Myco Industries’ AB Max. This device uses a rechargeable Alger brush as its platform but what makes it truly unique is its ability to spin forward, backward, and pulse.  Also, it features exceedingly affordable, single use foam tips. Doctors can use the MBE solution or foam of their choice with the AB Max. I couldn’t wait to get one and now that it is in use in my office I couldn’t be happier. But, best of all my patients are much more comfortable with this treatment as compared to other methods I have used in the past. I cannot recommend the AB Max strongly enough for those practitioners who wish to render the best of lid and lash care to their patients.

Robert Gerowitz, OD

Results were amazing!

I had an ulcerative blepharitis today! I avoided the ulcerated area, but did AB Max on the other eye and surrounding areas of the ulcerated eye and the results were amazing!

Farah Gozini, OD

AB Max pulsating tip is more tolerated by patients.

I absolutely love the ABMAX!   I have been using it now for over a month, and have been doing Competitor X procedures for years now.   I love the fact that the tips fit the unit snug, so they never pop off during treatment, which I’ve had happen with the Competitor X numerous times.   The unit has a pulsating setting, which is the one I use almost exclusively now.   It is much easier tolerated by patients.   Patients who have had Competitor X before, report that ABMAX is more gentle feeling on the lids, yet the cleaning power is the same.   I also love the fact that the tips are less expensive, and the unit actually looks better also.   I strongly recommend the ABMAX over the Competitor X.   The cost is much more effective too.   I’ve paid for a good supply of tips and the unit together the same as I would pay for a lot less just Competitor X tips.

Susana Sebestyen, O.D.

Pulse option is gentler.

Yes we did receive the unit and the workshop went well.  People seem to like the pulse option and found it a bit gentler than the forward or reverse.

Andrew McLeod, OD

Love the AB Max.

Been loving the AB Max. I’m only working in my office 2 days a week now but I use it coupled with my lipiflow procedures as well as for ant bleph and demodex

Kimberly K Friedman, OD

Awesome clean for patients.

Awesome clean with AB Max!

Laura Periman, MD

My patients love it!

I just bought 2 units for 2 offices I have. I love it. Patients love it. What a difference with patient that had severe anterior blepharitis!  I am giving patients the brochure as well and telling them we can repeat treatment in 6 months. Thanks.

Renee Reinholdt, OD

I appreciate the sturdiness of your design.

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the improved design of the AB Max.  I had used the Competitor X and in the two years, it had to replaced three times.  I appreciate the sturdiness of your design.  I dropped the device last month and broke the procedure tip.  It also bent the spindle which I was able to correct. I especially like the back and forth feature of AB Max.  It seems to really get the lids cleaner.  Thanks for the innovation.

Michael S Matthews OD

AB Max gets the job done.

I’ve been performing anterior microblepharoexfoliation procedures since 2015 utilizing different machines.  With rotational exfoliation, some patients with laxity of lids, dermatochalasis, or other anterior segment issues can have increased discomfort during the procedure with devices that only rotate in a singular direction, depending on rotational angle and direction.  I have been very pleased with the ability of the AB Max to get the job done while increasing patient comfort by selecting the most comfortable rotational setting based on each patient’s presentation, position, and lid condition.  Having both clockwise and counterclockwise settings provides greater treatment flexibility while the pulse setting lets me hone in on particularly difficult areas with a third option.

Dr. Blake Tarr, OD

The AB Max plus tips are amazing!

AB Max plus tips are amazing!!! Look at these before and after. I tried my best to get the same exact spot for both photos!!! WOW!!! Thanks again for certifying the staff

David Britzke, OD