Future Tech in the Eye Care Industry

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As eye care technology continues to refine, eye care professionals have more and more effective tools for treatment. The development of these instruments allows them to deliver the highest standards of eye care ever in the history of the industry. We are stepping into a new age of optometry and ophthalmology.

New Measurement Tech

For instance, tools to measure the internal pressure of the eye or imaging the posterior of the eye have become fully automated and user-friendly, allowing staff members at any eye clinic to be trained in their use. This innovation lets the doctor stay focused on evaluating a customized treatment plan for the patient. The technology frees the valuable time of the ophthalmologists to provide better consultation to their patients.

Smart Optometry

This latest technology lets eye care professionals take full benefit of smart devices based on iOS and Android. It is used in performing eye examinations, providing eye therapy to their patients, monitoring eye health of the general public, and inhibiting eye diseases. Soon ophthalmologists could be carrying head-mounted screens equipped with the latest ophthalmic tech. With this remote equipment, eye care professionals can offer eye care to patients residing in rural areas or ones that are house-bound.

Wearable for Eye Care

Wearable devices are also proving to be an important tool in health management. More than just capable of tracking vital signs, the next generation of wearable devices would be able to provide individuals with the ability to treat minor eye problems. For example, a number of digital tech organizations such as Samsung, Google, and Sony are presently working on Smart Contact Lenses, which would be capable of assisting individuals in managing their eye issues.