AB Max pulsating tip is more tolerated by patients.

I absolutely love the ABMAX!   I have been using it now for over a month, and have been doing Competitor X procedures for years now.   I love the fact that the tips fit the unit snug, so they never pop off during treatment, which I’ve had happen with the Competitor X numerous times.   The unit has a pulsating setting, which is the one I use almost exclusively now.   It is much easier tolerated by patients.   Patients who have had Competitor X before, report that ABMAX is more gentle feeling on the lids, yet the cleaning power is the same.   I also love the fact that the tips are less expensive, and the unit actually looks better also.   I strongly recommend the ABMAX over the Competitor X.   The cost is much more effective too.   I’ve paid for a good supply of tips and the unit together the same as I would pay for a lot less just Competitor X tips.

Susana Sebestyen, O.D.