Retinal detachment warrants surgery within days of diagnosis to repair it. The type of surgical procedure a patient will need depends on the type and extent of retinal detachment. Generally, eye doctors recommend one of the following methods for retinal detachment treatment. Pneumatic Retinopexy

In this procedure, the eye doctor injects a bubble of air or gas into the vitreous cavity of the eye. The bubble targets the hole or holes in the retinal area and pushes it against the eyewall. This action blocks the flow of fluid into the area behind the retina. The doctor then uses cryopexy to repair the detached retina. The fluid that has accumulated under the retina undergoes self-absorption, allowing the retina to stick to the eyewall. To keep the bubble in the right position, the patient may have to position the head in a certain way for a few days until the bubble eventually reabsorbs.


This procedure involves draining the eye and replacing the fluid. The eye doctor removes the fluid in the vitreous area along with any tissue that has stuck on the retina. They inject air, gas, or silicone oil into that space to flatten the retina. The injected air or gas will absorb on its own in a few days, revealing a refilled vitreous space. However, if silicone oil was used, the doctor will surgically remove it after a few months.

Scleral Buckling

During sclera buckling, the eye doctor sews a piece of silicone to the affected area on the sclera of the eye. Indenting the eyewall, this treatment procedure relieves some force caused by vitreous tugging of the retina. In the case of a severe retinal detachment or multiple retinal holes, the doctor will create a sclera buckle that surrounds the eye like a belt. The buckle does not hinder vision and is usually kept in place permanently.

After the Procedure

After retinal detachment treatment, the patient may have compromised vision, which will improve with time. Some patients are called in for a second surgery to ensure successful outcomes. It is best to consult with an expert eye doctor to determine the best surgical procedure for positive results.

A detached retina is a serious eye issue.